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Suppose you have a loan with your home bank where you handle all your banking matters. But the interest rate on your loan has risen considerably during the term. So you would like to refinance your loan at a cheaper interest rate. How does this work? Read more in this blog what to look out for if you want to transfer your loan to another bank or lender.

No more costs for converting a loan

Nowadays, penalty interest is no longer charged when transferring a personal loan. So you can easily switch from bank to take out a new loan. In the past, the bank passed on the loss of the calculated interest income to the customer. Converting a personal loan can now be done free of charge. This also applies to a revolving credit. Want to know more about reshaping per loan type? Read more about how to transfer your revolving credit or how to transfer your personal loan.

Why choose rescheduling?

  • Lower interest
  • New term
  • Better conditions

Save on your loan immediately

Save on your loan immediately

By converting your loan to a new loan with the current low interest rate, you save a lot of money. Our calculation model allows you to see for yourself how much you will save after the loan has been transferred. A new loan not only means a lower interest rate but also new conditions that are often more favorable than the old one.

Merge loans cheaper

The more you borrow, the lower the interest you pay. That is why it can be advantageous to combine your loans into 1 loan. This is because you often pay a higher interest rate for small loans than for large loans. Merging also gives you an overview. This way you have all your loans conveniently arranged for better conditions and lower interest rates!

Through the National Credit Checker you can optimally inform yourself or have yourself informed about the possibilities for you to take over your expensive loan (s) and / or to convert it into a cheap loan with a much lower interest rate and / or shorter duration.

Why choose ABC?

Why choose ABC?

  • The lowest interest rate in the Netherlands
  • The money in your account within a few days
  • Relief during the entire duration
  • Transparent and independent
  • Free transfer service


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